Chocolate Bark & Roca

Our bark and roca are wonderful choices for hearty gourmet snacks and treats. Try serving with ice cream or sorbet, or perched next to a cup of coffee or cocoa for a very special dessert.

Pecan Roca Pecan toffee layered with milk chocolate and chopped local pecans

Dark Chocolate Cherry Almond Bark Dark chocolate topped with toasted, sliced almonds, and richly sweet dried red cherries

Hot Chocolate Bark Dark chocolate peppered with cayenne and finished with cocoa nibs

Pop Rocks Bark Our signature dark chocolate covered in chocolate pop rocks.

Trail Mix Bark Fine chocolate with toasted pecans, almonds, and coconut, as well as roasted pistachios and dried cherries

Salty Bark Dark chocolate garnished with sea salt (great for vegans and gluten-free patrons)

Nutty Bark Fine chocolate dressed with toasted pecans, almonds and pistachios

Peppermint Bark A layer of white chocolate, a layer of dark Swiss chocolate infused with peppermint oil, and a garnish of crushed peppermint

Nutty Dots Like our nonpareils, but garnished with large pieces of toasted pecans or almonds or roasted pistachios

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